Holiday Gifting at the Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning, when my schedule permits, I’m a regular at the Santa Fe Farmer’s market. Usually, it’s for what I call “supplies” – whatever is fresh, eye catching, and fits my recipe plans. The added bonus that I’ve photographed many of the farmers on their beautiful farms, and it’s a chance to catch up and say hello. I’ve been buying produce and small ranch grown meats from some of these farmers for nearly a decade, and to know exactly where, and from whom, my food comes from is both a privilege and a pleasure – it’s sort of the definition of “home” to me.

There’s another side of the market, though, and one that I rarely frequent when I’m on a mission for the perfect carrot. But with the holidays approaching, and the desire to share a little bit of Santa Fe with my friends in faraway places, it occurred to me that the farmer’s market is an amazing place to discover local treasures that do many of the things I want from a gift – support local business, find something meaning and beautiful, and hopefully delight and bring a smile to the intended recipient.

This season, I went on a hunt to find holiday gift ideas at the market (in between getting groceries – big points for my errand efficiency monitor…) and found countless treats. One of the things I find so charming about the hand-made gifts at the market is the signature style that so many artists bring to the packaging and presentation of their wares – most of these hardly need any additional wrapping – they’re already beautifully presented.

From “fire cider” to lavendar satchets, from heirloom beans to locally grown, sheared and natural dyed wool skeins, from our-lady-of-guadalupe shaped beeswax candles to ristra bouquets, there’s so much here – I urge you to expand your gifting hunt beyond the malls to celebrate local creativity and flavor….

Molded candles from Buckin' Bee Honey

Molded candles from Buckin’ Bee Honey

Nina's Homemade Goat's Milk Lotions and Soaps

Nina’s Homemade Goat’s Milk Lotions and Soaps

Dia de los Muertos Lavendar Satchets

Dia de los Muertos Lavendar Satchets

Gaia's Gardeners

Gaia’s Gardeners

Marigold Seeds for next year's garden from Gaia's Garden

Marigold Seeds for next year’s garden from Gaia’s Garden

Heirloom beans from Harmony Farms

Heirloom beans from Harmony Farms

Naturally dyed wool from Shepherd's Lamb

Naturally dyed wool from Shepherd’s Lamb

Alexis from Harmony Farms

Alexis from Harmony Farms


Felt Hats at Artful Tea Teas

Felt Hats at Artful Tea

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