Squash Blossom Stories

Squash Blossom Stories is a collaborative project I’m thrilled to produce with Nina Yozell-Epstein, founder and CEO of Squash Blossom to promote growers and chefs in northern New Mexico. Nina founded Squash Blossom after years of working in food and farming both in her home state of New Mexico, and around the globe. Her experience in small-scale agriculture ranges from growing, to distribution, managing and vending at farmers’ markets, and many years of program management in the non-profit sector. Nina’s passion is to make small-scale, family farming viable for generations to come. She sees the work of Squash Blossom as a way to protect the earth, preserve culture and diversity, strengthen the local economy, and imbue health for all eaters.

Squash Blossom Local Food is a social enterprise with the mission to “provide a dependable income stream for local farmers, bring healthier food to our community, and strengthen our local economy”. They are the easiest way for Santa Fe’s top chefs to purchase bulk local farm ingredients through their stream-lined order & distribution system, so that you can eat the freshest food at your favorite local restaurants. Squash Blossom also sells directly to the public! You can order online from their selection of local farm produce, and locally made artisanal food products at: http://www.squsahblossomlocalfood.com.