Dec 14th, 2010

Jambo Cafe

I lived in Kenya for 6 months during college – part of my junior year abroad. I had never been so far from everything I know. I remember my first night out on a homestay in an agricultural district. More stars than I had ever seen in a single night sky. I remember the first […]

Sep 21st, 2010

Max’s Restaurant

Sous vide. I’d been reading about it for years. It’s one of those gastro-alchemy gimmick things that Thomas Keller and my headbanger friend (and St. John’s grad) Jeth gets into. I was pretty psyched to have the opportunity to see sous vide in action in Chef Mark Connell’s immaculate kitchen at Max’s Restaurant. It’s the […]

Sep 18th, 2010

Atrisco Cafe

“What’s your opinion on lard?” That’s how I met George Gundrey, owner of Atrisco Cafe, and his esteemed mother. George comes from a long line of good food establishments. Since his grandmother’s first restaurant in Albuquerque, his folks, his aunts and uncles are responsible for New Mexican food icons like Tia Sophias and Tomasita’s. George’s […]

Sep 7th, 2010

Growing Real Food Nation II

In February, 2010, I began documenting the new approach to being a restaurant – from cultivation to supper club to compost – embodied by Real Food Nation. When I began shooting in February, I had little sense of the potential hidden in the the dry dirt acreage behind the restaurant. Throughout the year, grower Kathy […]

Aug 21st, 2010

The Bavarian

Sometimes life actually is postcard perfect. Me, I don’t ski. But I’ve got a vivid imagination. And if I did do the ski thing, I imagine that after a day carving fluffy white powder down the trails of Taos, I wouldn’t be craving a microgreens salad with a melon foam dressing. No, I think I’d […]

Aug 18th, 2010

Albuquerque Grower’s Market

The Albuquerque Growers Market is a truly “local” farmer’s market. Based in Morningside park on Central Avenue in downtown Albuquerque, their motto is “local food for local bellies“. On a Saturday morning, you’ll find young children grinning through face paint, solitary grandmothers carefully selecting fruit, college students getting a burrito for breakfast, a tourist sipping […]

Jul 13th, 2010

Pizzeria Da Lino

Owner & Chef Lino Pertusini takes his pizza seriously. So seriously that when he decided to make Pizza, he wasn’t satisfied with simply serving it up in his already i his Santa Fe landmark italian restaurant, Osteria D’assisi. No, Lino needed a new location, Pizzeria Da Lino dedicated exclusively to the fine art of Making The […]

Jul 6th, 2010

Three Rivers Brewery

If you’ve never been to Farmington, up yonder in the northwestern corner of New Mexico, you can’t quite appreciate what an unexpected oasis lies at the corner of South Orchard and East Main: The Three Rivers Brewery. According to natives, Farmington was once a vibrant pastoral ranching community. Over the years, by means of agricultural […]

May 19th, 2010

Eating Real Food Nation

It’s one thing to wax philosophic with friends about what good food grown right means. It’s another thing entirely to open a restaurant to prove it. That’s exactly what owners Blyth Timken and Andrew MacLauchlan and chef Kim Müller have done with Real Food Nation. In addition to my ongoing personal project documenting sustainable and […]

Apr 3rd, 2010

Red Mountain Farm

“I follow the directions on the seed packet.” That was Jeff’s answer to my question of how he learned how to grow the vibrant green chard and fennel and lettuce crowding the greenhouse on his Red Mountain Farm. From its picturesque setting on the River Chama in the Abiquiu valley, the farm looks like a […]